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Welcome to Abundance 42 - Startup boot camp, the best place to start, grow, and fund your venture.

Coach Mahgul
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Mastery in GTM Leadership

Tailored for tech startup founders aspiring to be GTM leaders. Complete the bootcamp with a GTM Entrepreneurship Leadership certification.

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Startup Success Enablement

A complete 360 startup strategy.

GTM strategies, pitch and pricing mastery, MVP development, and funding 101.

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Build your global tech network.

Cross-collaboration with industry leaders and peers.

Exclusive insights from Silicon Valley experts and pre-seed investors

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Connect with a network of international founders and executives. Gain lifetime access to our exclusive community for ongoing collaboration and growth.

Praveen, CA

“As Founder/CEO of a Series A venture-backed SaaS startup in Silicon Valley, I've been through numerous trials and tribulations getting to where we are today.  In the early days of the journey, Mahgul provided real insight and inspiration, providing helpful advice on everything from staff management & leadership to company strategy to sales & marketing to investor relations."

Gab, Australia

"As a CEO and Founder, there are countless challenges one faces, from managing teams to making high-pressure decisions, and Maghul has consistently provided invaluable insights and guidance throughout. Highly recommended for any CEO, Start-up founder and executive looking to elevate their leadership game"

Emily, CA

"Love and happiness has never been easier for me! But now I'm more confident and happier than ever before, thanks to Abundance. Don't hesitate, Coach Mahgul is gifted" 

Our Packages

GTM Startup Bootcamp
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11 - Weeks Startup Bootcamp
2 - Hr Session | Once Week


Join our Startup Bootcamp and go from prototype to execution/launch. Learn how to lead confidently, and understand your purpose, mission, vision, and impact in the industry. Craft your MVP and ICP on the 2024 GTM strategy. Acquire your first 5 ICPs with EASE. Understand the customer journey. Get ready to be part of a thriving community

Optimize | Scale:
Once a Week  - 10 Hrs a month


This program is your 1:1 opportunity to turbocharge your growth and revenue. Optimize all channels for maximum revenue and create a complete playbook for your unique GTM strategy. We work with Executives and Teams to get you the success you need to stand out in the market. 

Investors and Scaling readiness


For Executives with a vision to lead, and a global presence. We prepare you to become the next unicorn, or tech icon, like the next Sam Altman, Jeff Bezos, or Elon Musk. Specializing in AI, our package offers complete commercialized use cases and investor support.

Everything you want is right here, available to you at your fingertips....

Coach Mahgul - California

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