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Coach Mahgul
Tech Disruptor, Life Hacker, & Life Transformational Coach

Coach Mahgul - Business Caoch

Born into a business family (back in Pakistan, Lahore), my life bore witness to powerful moments. My father, a successful business owner, embarked on a remarkable journey, starting with nothing but fueled by unwavering passion and determination. He carved a path to success in the competitive paper industry, pioneering it. Yet, his downfall came when managing medium enterprise success proved elusive.

These impactful moments left a lasting mark. At the tender age of 16, a profound realization struck me like lightning:


"You can attain everything your heart desires, but true fulfillment lies in maintaining balance."


This epiphany became my guiding principle.

My dad's passing, led me to an arranged marriage in New York, far from the places I cherished like London and Dubai.I worked tirelessly to ensure the success of my marriage and to excel in the commitment I had made to everyone involved. Yet, I knew I was meant for something else.

As I found mentors in New York, London, and California, I realized my purpose. Escaping a toxic relationship, I embarked on a quest for knowledge, learning at Stanford's GSB lab, coaching startups, and connecting minds.

Joining Oracle's CX solution transformed my life. I channeled my passion into helping business owners, gaining confidence, and representing my organization at global events. In Silicon Valley, I disrupted tech giants and lived in Palo Alto, humbled by the journey.


Embracing the universe's wisdom, I met my soulmate and mentor, Kostas Nikolouzakis, who empowered me to be non-judgmental. Together, we empower high achievers.

Now, I'm on a mission to create an innovative sanctuary in Greece, uniting people globally to tackle world issues. In 3-4 years, this vision will become a reality.

My story epitomizes resilience, learning, and authenticity – a journey of unwavering determination.

Business and Thought Leadership:

  • Strategic thinking and planning

  • Leadership development and executive presence

  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • Decision-making and problem-solving

  • Communication and presentation skills

  • Team building and collaboration

  • Change management and adaptability

  • Visionary thinking and goal-setting

  • Executive coaching and mentoring

  • Conflict resolution and negotiation

  • Time management and prioritization

  • Stakeholder management and relationship building

  • Financial acumen and business acumen

  • Performance management and accountability

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Risk management and resilience

  •  Industry and market knowledge

  • Board and governance support

  • Succession planning and talent development

  • Networking and industry thought leadership

  • Ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility

  • Continuous learning and staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices

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