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Meet The Team

Our Story

Meet Kostas, Partner and Strategic Advisor at Abundance42:

Kostas, is a Saas entrepreneur, with a history of successful software ventures in Australia, including the sale of his company Sinefa to Palo Alto Networks in 2020 (NYSE: PANW).

Our journey began at Palo Alto Networks in 2020, where Mahgul facilitated the sale of Sinefa as a business coach.

Our shared principles: productivity, agility, and ethical parenting, power our partnership, as we work towards a better world.

Collaboration was inevitable, driven by our values: effective communication, collaboration, minimalism, and focus on essentials.

Our Mission:

Soon, we'll unveil a retreat for innovators, entrepreneurs, and wellness providers to collaborate. Together, we're dedicated to ending world hunger and opening a wellness collaborative space in Crete (on Elafonisi beach), Greece.

Our Values

Growth: Achieve greater success and unlock the fullest potential

Authentic: Uncover your truth, effectively communicate it and deliver it

Smart: Utilize the smartest people, technology, and practices to deliver outstanding results

Open: Create an environment that fosters ideas, welcomes diverse perspectives, and encourages winning outcomes

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