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Teams: 360 Business Advisory

360 Business Advisory For you and Your Teams

  • 16 hr
  • Melbourne

Service Description

360 Business Advisory For you and Your Teams 16 Hours / Monthly Unlock success with our premier customer-led package! Tailored mentorship for you and your teams to optimize GTM channel strategy. From securing your first 5 customers to scaling to unicorn status, we cover it all – sales to investment. Elevate your journey from 0 to unicorn with our proven expertise Product Roadmap Enhancement: We'll work together to strengthen your product development plan, ensuring it aligns with your customers' needs and journeys. Time Management Mastery: Achieve better time management skills to boost productivity and efficiency. Customer Journey Optimization: We'll improve the way your customers experience your product, making it smoother and more satisfying. Effective Presentation Skills: Learn how to present your ideas and products persuasively, helping you win customers and investors. Meetings Optimization: Streamline both internal and external meetings, promoting work-life balance, innovation, and growth. Strategic Business Roadmap: We'll create a clear path for your business's growth and success, with step-by-step guidance. Financial Health Analysis: We'll analyze your finances, looking at metrics like Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) to ensure profitability. Capital Raising Support: Get assistance in raising the necessary capital to fund your business growth. Strategic Partner Identification: Find the right partners to help your business thrive and expand. KPI Monitoring: Learn how to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) effectively to measure success. Quarterly Progress Check-ins: Regular one-on-one sessions to maintain focus and measure your progress. Efficiency Boost for Teams and Departments: Identify and implement simple changes to enhance the performance of your teams and departments. In-depth Workshops: Dive into topics like channel optimization, sales, marketing, lead generation, HR, and technology. Strategic Planning: Develop a powerful business plan and a mission statement that aligns with your core values Branding and Messaging Refinement: Elevate your business by refining your branding, messaging, internal processes, values, and causes. Unlock business success with our 360-targeted advisory, optimizing your strategy

Contact Details

  • +61 438658333

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