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Designed for tech startup founders aiming for GTM leadership, this boot camp equips you with a GTM Entrepreneurship Leadership certification, offering a comprehensive 360 startup strategy and enablement kit. Master GTM strategies, pitch and pricing, MVP development, and funding basics. Expand your global tech network through collaboration with industry leaders, peers, and exclusive insights from Silicon Valley experts and pre-seed investors. Join an technical community of founders and executives for lifetime access and continuous growth

11 Weeks of Leadership and GTM Mastery | 2 Hours a Week
Midweek Support


Here's the Week-by-Week Breakdown:


  • Week 1: Orientation - Entrepreneurial Mindset and Ideation

  • Weeks 2-3: Introduction to Mission, Branding and Vision, Goals, OKRs, and KPIs

  • Week 4: Business plan, Pricing Strategy, ICP and MVP Creation

  • Week 5: Marketing and Sales Strategies and Advanced KPIs

  • Week 6: Financials, Investment Readiness

  • Weeks 7-8: Fund Raising, Mastering Valuation Techniques and Pitching Skills

  • Weeks 9-10: Exploring AI Use Cases and Practical Applications

  • Week 11: Final Presentations and Expert Panel Review

Start your GTM leadership journey now!
Get certified with our boot camp, mastering startup strategies, pitch, MVP, and funding. 

Please note that there are limited spots available in 2024

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Spaceship Landing on Earth
Meet The Advisors

Coach Mahgul

CEO & Founder of Abundance 42 - Startup Advisory


Kostas Nikolouzakis

Legal and Revenue Advisor

Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 11.51.00 am.png

GTM Leader

GTM Influencer

Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 11.46.38 am.png

Marketing Leader

Surprise GTM Leader

Your Startup Support System
Office Hours

Weekly flexible office hours for project support, system issues, and more. Our experienced team of professionals is here to help you ensure the success of your startup.
Midweek 1:1 Sessions

Weekly top performers earn a 1:1 mentorship session on their project. Gain valuable insights and feedback to help you overcome any obstacle.

Monthly networking events unite founders across all cohorts, fostering friendships, collaboration, and opportunities to engage with the deep tech community and industry leaders.
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